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In addition to customs clearance in Vyborg and consulting on customs issues, assistance in passing the border at all multi-Vehicle checkpoints of Vyborg customs, assistance in veterinary and phytosanitary control, certification of goods, our company is ready to represent your interests in the customs authorities, including in case of disputes, participate in the support of cases of administrative offenses in the customs sphere.

Our experience allows us to implement import and export projects of any complexity with the provision of all necessary services for foreign economic activity in full - the so-called "Foreign economic activity outsourcing"

Our experience allows us to implement import and export projects of any complexity with the provision of all necessary services for foreign economic activity in full - the so-called Foreign economic activity outsourcing


Outsourcing of logistics services, which is often referred to as "logistics outsourcing "or" foreign trade outsourcing", and means the transfer of logistics functions to external organizations, allows your company to use organizational and financial resources to focus on the main activity. Foreign trade support - a wide range of services, financial and logistics support, namely: development of an international delivery project; preparation of a foreign economic contract; assistance in organizing contract payment and currency control; organization of international transportation; obtaining permits (certificates of compliance with technical regulation, certificates of state registration, certificates of fire safety, etc.); forming a set of documents for customs clearance; forwarding cargo and performing customs clearance; delivery of goods "turnkey"; consulting on the reflection of foreign economic activity of delivery in accounting, and so on.
Our company will deliver the cargo, both under its own contracts and under the client's contracts, to any point in the world or to Russia.


Often, the customs authorities have enough formal grounds to initiate a case of an administrative offense and bring a participant in foreign economic activity to administrative responsibility. Violation of customs rules entails additional financial costs and delays in customs clearance. The process of administrative records management and subsequent customs procedures (registration and export of delayed cargo) is a complex and time-consuming task, but our company is able to protect Your interests and provide advice on administrative and legal relations with customs authorities; represent clients in customs at the stage of administrative investigation and when considering cases in court, organize the export of delayed cargo from the storage location in the framework of an administrative case and deliver the cargo to the final recipient.


Our company provides services for comprehensive certification of goods in the process of customs clearance of goods. When importing goods to the Russian Federation, the following are mandatory: certificate of state registration, which applies to food, cosmetics, pharmacy products, children's goods, issued on the basis of the conclusion of authorized experts and the Protocol of laboratory tests of samples; certificate of conformity, confirming compliance of the imported goods with the current standards; Declaration of conformity with information about the product safety and labeling requirements; certificate of origin confirming the country of origin of the product; fire certificate, informational refusal letter confirming that the product does not belong to the list of mandatory certification objects; phytosanitary certificate confirming the satisfactory condition of plant products; veterinary certificate of safety of livestock products.

Mass-market goods such as goods for children and food products, goods for the prevention and treatment of diseases, perfumes and cosmetics, textiles, clothing and hats, knitwear, fur and fur products, shoes, construction materials, heating and water supply equipment, household items and household goods, cultural goods, leisure and entertainment goods, sports goods, watercraft and some other groups of goods are subject to mandatory certification.


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