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We offer comprehensive solutions for the transportation of combined cargo from China to St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities with balance between the speed and price of delivery.


Our company provides services for the delivery and customs clearance of goods from China, consolidation, forwarding, storage and transshipment of goods at ports and customs terminals. We also provide assistance in certification and registration of permits for goods from China, advise on foreign trade issues. Cargo delivery from China to Russia is carried out by various types of transport: sea transport - in sea containers by container ships; road, rail and air transport, as well as multimodal transport.
Our company has practical experience of cargo from China different groups of goods: industrial equipment, machines, consumer electronics, electrical equipment; spare parts; raw materials for food and chemical industry; plumbing equipment; plastic products, rubber and metals; textiles, clothing and footwear and much more.


The most popular sea container transportation from China to Russia and the main part of Chinese cargo is delivered by sea. Sea freight from China Ч the most economical variant of delivery of Chinese goods, it is possible to send any size and volume of cargo, but cargo is 30 days. The transit time of multimodal transport from China via Vladivostok is 30 days. Cargo transportation from China through the Baltic ports takes 40-45 days, delivery by sea from China and then by road through Finland-43-45 days.
To send large-sized goods, timber, and building materials that are not afraid of damage, we use railway transportation of goods from China with an optimal cost-time ratio. The delivery time of cargo by rail in car lots, on platforms, as well as by accelerated container trains from Shanghai to Central Russia is 16-28 days.
For road transport from China, it will take longer to wait for cargo sent by road than by rail, but it will arrive faster than by sea. Automobile delivery of goods from China via Kazakhstan is carried out in 16-20 days. And for urgent delivery of combined cargo to St. Petersburg from China, choose air transportation.
Air transportation from China is faster than any other transport Ч in 10-12 days.


We offer comprehensive solutions for the transportation of combined cargo from China to St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities. There are always several proven options for transporting goods from China to Russia, so that You can find a balance between the speed and price of delivery. International cargo transportation from China is carried out according to proven logistics schemes and delivery of Chinese goods is "turnkey". At the same time, we will offer the optimal transportation scheme for Your case, for example, when urgent delivery of combined cargo from China to St. Petersburg, you can save money with a minimum increase in the duration of transportation by combined delivery-by plane to Moscow, then by road to St. Petersburg.

Contact the company's managers for international transportation of combined cargo from China to Russia or transportation from Russia to China, as well as for other services in the field of logistics operations. Contact the company's managers or make a request to calculate the cost and delivery time using the bid request form.