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Turnkey supplies

Turnkey deliveries - is a whole range of actions for the transportation of goods. It includes agreements with the factory on the date of shipment, selection of a container line, control of paperwork, freight forwarding at the port of departure and destination, customs clearance and delivery of cargo to the recipients warehouse

This means that we deliver the goods directly from your sender to the warehouse you specified. In this case, the customer may not delve into the delivery methods and solutions, problems arising in the way - he is only interested in the price for which the company will complete the task, which will calculate how much the whole procedure will cost him, and call the final cost - if the customer agrees, it means The transaction took place.

The experience of our company ensures that the goods will be delivered on time and at a fixed price.

Delivery of containerized cargo from door to door from anywhere in the world to any region of Russia, across Russia, as well as anywhere in the world using rail, sea, road transport.

As part of the turnkey service, we offer:

Development of combined schemes taking into account the specifics of the cargo, optimization of the price and delivery time;
The use of an active base of suppliers - lines, terminals, trucking companies;
Relationships with the administration of ports, customs;
Address supply of containers for loading / unloading, return of empty containers to any point at the request of the Customer;
Clear organization of container transshipment in the port, and its delivery by rail or road to your destination without delays;
Full range of logistics services;
Protection of cargo throughout the route;
Informing on the status of the goods online;
Cargo insurance;
Customs clearance;
Services FEA and consulting